Tuesday 18 December 2018

A Christmas Gadget

Today has been a filthy day, and thanks to a day of pushing a trolley around playing a sort of lollipop lottery with our staff, my foot has been very very sore today and my recovery set back. Grrrr, feeling very flabby at the moment as not exercising well.

So, with nothing to see outside other than distant black dots flocking about outside the window - probably goldfinches feeding amongst the teasels as they got blown along in gale force winds - I reflected upon the very kind gift my manager gave me, a little bicycle multi-tool, the first I have ever owned.

It is a "Iron and Glory" tool by Luckies, and comes in a very smart tin. It's a handy set of 5 allen keys and a couple of screwdrivers, handy for basic adjustments on the road. Very pleased to have it.



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  1. How lovely to get a gift you like. And can use. Get on your bike now and get fit!

  2. A thoughtful and useful gift.

  3. A very thoughtful gift.
    All that's missing is the thingamajig to get stones out of a horse's hoof.

  4. Always good when thought has gone into the gift!

  5. What a lovely and very thoughtful present. I hope your foot is better soon.