Saturday 15 December 2018

Newark Christmas Market

Today has been bitterly cold, and after about 2pm thoroughly miserable with added freezing rain, although the forecast snow stayed away.

So it hasn't really been a day for doing much, rather a day lazing around under a duvet watching Jason and the Argonoauts and falling asleep after an exhausting week doing Christmas stuff at work.

But I did manage to get into town at lunchtime, where the Christmas market was taking place. Now I don't really shop at Christmas markets, feeling there is a lot of overpriced tat and food masquerading as "artisanal" at these sort of events. I don't really need a lamp made out of a giant salt crystal either.

However, I do like to see town space being used constructively and purposefully, with people enjoying themselves. So, I took a few pictures of  the scenes, wondering when I'm going to get my own shopping done.


All text and images copyright CreamCRackeredNature 15.12.18


  1. Weather not good, but shame there were not many people.

  2. It looks very festive. I like looking round Christmas markets but don't over buy much unless it is from a craft stall and something unique.

  3. Thank you both, it apparently has had record numbers of visitors

  4. So lovely to see Newark again. I have really fond memories of the time I lived that way. I agree about Christmas markets.