Saturday 22 December 2018

Owls and Raptors at Christmas

My Christmas shopping has been delayed this year, as I was waiting  for some vouchers I'd earned at work to get posted to my house. I also wanted to get my hair cut, so I've been wandering all over the place today, buying stuff and being scalped so I look less like wreckage from an explosion in a poodle factory.

It took a lot of walking about (Hello Doctor Scholl insoles, little difference though you are making yet) to get myself sorted, but apart from a couple of things to get tomorrow, sorted I am. Then there is  the trauma of wrapping, which I am staggeringly bad at.

In the market today, the raptors of Kilton were about; always nice to see these birds. The bird being  handled is a ferruginous hawk, a very impressive bird indeed.


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  1. The birds never look happy do they. I hate wrapping too. Am recycling wrapping paper and drawing bits of holly etc on envelopes stuff came in from the internet. Being disabled I dont do shops.

  2. I don't know about the birds, but a cold day to be sat on a stand without the chance to fly!