Tuesday 4 December 2018

Moon and Venus on a Bicycle

It was a freezing morning today, which meant I got to wear the neck warmer I bought yesterday and thus set off for work feeling like a Poundland lady ice skating coach from Omsk. It did help though.

I drew the line at the balaclava until it gets colder. It is too gimp like.

My hand thermometer told me about zero degrees and that indeed was what it was. Having read lots of  reports on twitter I wondered why I wasn't seeing Venus. The answer was that I was looking in the wrong direction - Venus in the morning is in the Eastern sky, idiot!

Dawn wasn't far off but it was still a very bright object, with the added bonus of there being a beautiful thin sliver of moon nearby.

Obviously my phone doesn't take great pictures of astronomical objects, but I  hope I've picked up the flavour of my cold, crisp morning.


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  1. Up here in NE Scotland I looked out of the window and was in total awe at the moon and Venus nearby. Totally forgot to take a photo!

  2. What, no photo of the Poundland lady ice skating coach from Omsk!