Sunday 23 December 2018

Home Invasion

So my sister and fiancee have arrived at my parent's house for Christmas, which is exciting enough, but they've also brought their two bengal kittens with them.

I say kittens, but at 6 months old they are great long cats, heavy with solid muscle and tails like snakes. I can hear them thundering up and down the stairs while I type this. A lampshade has already been broken; these kitties are expert climbers. Bans are in place in certain rooms with nick-nacks on shelves.

It's been a few years since there was last a cat in the house, we've all missed kitties. It's wonderful to have these furry menaces here.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful cats. Happy Christmas.

  2. They look full of fun. Merry Christmas.

  3. Just keep the turkey hidden 😬

  4. The kittens are exquisite = there is no other word to describe them. Happy Christmas.

  5. Thank you all and enjoy your Christmases

  6. Very few kittens/cats are quite so agile and such great climbers as a Bengal. Two bengals - your parents are truly wonderful people! Happy Christmas to you all, hope the collateral damage has been minimal :-)