Tuesday 5 September 2017

Tour of Britain Pre-Funs

So, after a process that kicked off when I first saw that the 4th stage of the 2017 Tour of Britain was going to finish in my home town back in April, tomorrow I will be manning a stall in the race village with my work, doing recruitment and PR stuff.

It took a lot of effort to persuade them, but here we now are. I'm just worried it will all go horribly wrong and I will end up looking like an utter idiot.

As a prelude, there have been junior races taking place in the market square tonight. As was pretty predictable Rain + Cobbles = loads of kids flying off their bikes. My friend's son got a bit of a clonk on the head, but all ok.

As ever, it was good to see public space being used productively. Hopefully more of the same tomorrow, as I rubberneck the pro riders as they pass by the stall.

They might even decide to abandon life as a pro cyclist and decide to become a fork lift truck driver!


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  1. They are down in Suffolk on Friday. we might watch somewhere depends on the weather

  2. Have fun. I hope the weather holds up for them. Always good to get a glimpse, fleeting as it is, of the pros!

  3. Wanted to watch but don't have Eurosport 2, so had to make do with watching Tour of Spain on Eurosport 1 which curiously we do have.

  4. It was a big day for our twon today, report to follow!