Monday 11 September 2017

Shivery Butterflies

Wild sort of day to day, with brief showers of rain, and brief periods of warm sun, being blown through the sky by a wind that clearly had places to go.

My legs don't want to go anywhere at the moment, so I contented myself to walking about for about 90 minutes, down to the Sconce Park, and roundabout, to see what colour is still around. It's the time of year when ivy flowers and I have a large one in my drive that the red admirals visit when the sun comes out.

They are hardy folks, the admirals, always the last butterfly to be seen on the wing. As I say every year!

There were a few other flutterers about today, huddling onto whatever food plants they could find; the last remaining thistles and flowering willow herb. Scraps. Small torts and small whites were about today, being reasonably uncooperative despite their certain lethargy.

I can't blame them, not wanting to be poked at by a guy who on their scale must be hundreds of feet high!

I've been lethargic as well, but I'm going to test drive my OS map and go for some long walks. My world needs to get bigger, but I'm going to start in a small way.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.09.17


  1. Saw lots of flutters today including a pristine comma.

  2. Nice pics - we saw lots of little brownish orange flutters yesterday, in an open field. I have seen blues of a similar size there before, but i think these are something else, though not sure what. Of course, no photos, so can't expect much help on the ID front!!

  3. Yes the butterflies are still around.
    Saw a lovely red admiral today. It s feeding on rotting fruit and thoroughly enjoying it.

  4. Saw lots of flutters today including a pristine comma.

    แตกใน xxx