Sunday 24 September 2017

The Last Gasp of Summer

Today was the nicest day we've had for a little while; warm T-Shirt weather, fair skies, no wind, and no smell of sugar factory because of aforesaid lack of wind.

I've been out a fair bit today, although crucially I missed the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight going over the cemetery to commemorate the Warsaw airlift; a Lancaster and a Hurricane 2C. They flew over my house 3 times but I couldn't get a shot of them because of the trees.

Luckily the butterflies were a bit more forthcoming, especially a lovely speckled wood I found in the old oak wood at the park on my morning walk. I manoevered my fat ugly shadow as not to fall onto the little flutterer, and I was able to get some rather nice pictures - I always find the little eyes and faces of butterflies hilarious for some reason.

What butterflies think of my giant distorted face looming towards them is not recorded.

There was an ivy bush busy and buzzy with hoverflies and a couple of languidly flapping red admirals. Again, they co-operated.

"Co-operated" - makes me sound like I've been interrogating them or something. "Give me a photograph or I'll pull your wings off!"

I'm not that cruel.


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