Saturday 9 September 2017

Slow, Painful Running

Not exercising makes me feel very very guilty indeed (had to correct typo on first run through, I wrote "quilty" at first, wonder what feeling quilty is like?) so despite feeling stiff and exhausted and not really wanting to do anything today - no cricket for first time in months - I waited for gaps in the showers and headed out.

It was terrible. My legs are like two blocks of concrete and my buttocks have seized. I was incredibly slow, I would have been outrun by toddlers. Dogs laughed at me.

At least the views were good. Sun coming out while heavy cloud is overhead always paints things in a wonderful light.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.09.17


  1. Ah, the first run back is always the worst. Onwards and upwards, Si. Ps feeling quilty = the desire to create a quilt :o).

  2. I think it's actually the desire to stay under the quilt; I'm often affected by it.

  3. I actually love it when you put on pictures of Newark - it brings back such memories.

  4. Found myself playing cricket on a horrible day today!