Thursday 7 September 2017

The Other Sort of Bikes

After all the excitement and "Oh look, telly people are here" commotion of yesterday, today was all about being back at work and doing the usual office things - AND unloading all the heavy stuff from yesterday like folded up gazebos and folded down tables.

At least the spare balloons didn't weigh very much.

So instead of flash new racing bikes, I found some old steel Raleighs in our bike park to show you. I pretty much love these British icons, the story of the factory was amazing and the heron logo on the stem I find particularly endearing.

Saw some proper old steely racers on the park yesterday, all shiny metal, all glitters. Obviously off to an Eroica event for old bikes soon!

Wish I had one, but they need a lot of upkeep.


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  1. My first bike was a Raleigh. Lovely 24" 3 speeder. It died in a garage fire in 1990, but I still have great memories of it. Peter, Sydney.

  2. Remember them well. Our son had one. He was so proud of it.

  3. My first bike was an RSW11 with stabilisers!

  4. My son has recently had one of these renovated - so he now has this and also his off road mountain bike.

  5. My OH would love these....
    Amanda xx

  6. he now has this and also his off road mountain bike.

    แตกใน xxx