Saturday 30 September 2017

The Dragonfly at the Park

It's been Sconce Fest today, where there has been some stalls, horse box coffee shops, and assorted caterwaulings by some kind of "Frozen" type entertainer and a reggae band featuring a very angry girlfriend of the drummer.

It also featured me running through it very very slowly indeed; after a good quick 6km last night, I did a rubbishly stodgy one today, my shoulder still isn;t right and keeps waking me up in the night, although it seems to be gradually improving.

This is of no concern to the female common darter I came across, which although having 4 shoulders (and 6 legs) didn't seem to be having any trouble with any of them. Instead it allowed itself to be filmed sitting on a post, although it didn't allow a shot to be taking of the time it spent sitting on my arms.

I've never had much on my arm; a dragonfly there was a mega bonus.


All text and images copyright CreamCRackeredNature 30.09.17


  1. Lovely photos of the dragonfly - I've never had one perch on me :)

  2. Looks fun Simon and great to have a common darter encounter.

  3. THanks both, I like to see events like these taking place