Thursday 14 September 2017

Out to Barnby and Back

Well folks, I've had a long old walk today, out along the road to Barnby in the Willows, then back in along the River Witham and then along a weed choked Shire Dyke.

It was cold, but I made sure I walked strongly enough to burn a few calories off my slightly corpulent frame at the moment, and it meant I could brave the chill of the Northerly wind in a T-Shirt and even work a bit of a sweat up.

Swallows obviously think it's still just about to be here, as I saw plenty along the way - a lot of juveniles judging by the shallow streamers. Every ivy plant was colonised by insects, honey bees are still filling their little saddlebags and red admirals seem to love them.

You may remember I ran this route last year, when the house martins had covered a house in nests, but I'm just not in a fit state at the moment and the martins have cleared off. It's still a good walk, past the atmispheric grounds of Barnby church, and along a river in which huge pike can be seen all a-lurk when the water is clear.

I listened to the radio all along, a lovely three hours of learning via radio 4, where I learned first of Uganda, then of the death mask making antics of a Great Train Robber's son. Then I zoned out to 6 Music.

One step after the other, as the music played.

It was great.


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  1. A lovely walk through the scenery, covered the Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, and there was plenty more.

  2. A lovely place, great set of photos, from insects to churches. Is that a water spout coming out of the Gargoyles mouth ?
    Amanda xx

  3. Certainly is Amanda! Good little trek that. Pity I'm still a bit lardy though

  4. The River Witham is my river Si - I learnt to swim in it!!

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  6. Is that a water spout coming out of the Gargoyles mouth ?

    แตกใน xxx