Friday 1 September 2017

An Evening in the Rain

My back is sore, a sort of slightly knitting needle stabby pain at the top of my left buttock. Lovely.

This has kept me going running this week, as I try and save my rather tired body for my last cricket league game tomorrow. How long ago it seems since we started this season, in the cold of early May.

The summer never really got much better.

Tonight I had intended to go for a bike ride, but as soon as I got home from work, the rain came down from evil skies, so I decided to take my new rucksack, and slip on some wet weather gear as soon as was required while I was on the move.

Actually, I needed my sex kag as soon as I walked out the door.

I followed my two lakes route, mainly walking but with a few jogged sections just to try and loosen up the muscles ready for tomorrow. In my unflatteringly tight running tights, my stomach wobbled too much for my taste and everything was horribly stiff. Still I was out there for two hours, minus a brief stop for Aldi Prosecco.

Which I'll probably never drink.

The moth is a centre barred sallow, a good find apparently. It's lovely.


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  1. One last chance to get your batting average up above your bowling average. Slay 'em, Si!

  2. Good luck with the cricket match and I love the moth :)

  3. Looks like a ince walk and a very pretty moth