Monday 25 January 2016

The Owl Land in a Lowering Sun

The weather is suddenly giving us warmth again, and the return of a strong wind from the South.

I headed out in this today, on route for The Owl Land. Since the work on the southern relief road began, the Sustrans 64 has been closed until they build the flyover over the new road; seeing as this was supposed to happen this January and it's still a sea of mud down there, I'm guessing they are waaaaay behind schedule due to the wet winter.

In practical terms, it means running down there entails a one mile detour past the amusingly named "Bantycock Open Cast Mine" where they dig gypsum up, before reaching the Owl Land from the Staunton road.

Of course, the short-eared owls that give the Owl Land its name were not on view, indeed, no-one seems to have seen one their for years. But I did flush out a couple of skylarks - recogniseable from their white tail edges - and also what I think was a snipe from by Cotham Flash pond - this has white streaks on its back to tell it apart from a woodcock.

The light was beautiful on the Owl Land, crepescular rays from the sun emerging from the clouds. It was peaceful. "The Infinite Monkey Cage" on Radio 4 was amusing and educational. Baxter's soup is back at 50p a tin in Asda.

That, my friends, marks a good day.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.01.16


  1. Beautiful landscape images, and, you can't beat those legs, ha ha ha.

  2. Thanks Bob, running and cycling keeps them trim. Pity about the rest of me!

  3. The ruins are pretty horrible, but those shots of water and reeds look absolutely perfect for bird-watching Si.

  4. Yes Pam, this is an old gypsum workings, not sure what the old building was for specifically!