Monday 11 January 2016

Following my Own Advice

Today has been a day of days.

The first thing I did upon waking up this morning at about 7:45am was to pick up my mobile phone. The moment it was in my hand there was a bleep, and a vibration.

A message? A twitter notification? No, it was a Guardian news headline, informing me that David Bowie had died of cancer at the age of 69, a mere two days after his birthday and the release of his latest, and now last, album.

As a David Bowie fan since the age of zero, the news was a terrific shock, and saddened me greatly. As a teenage kid growing up weird with undiagnosed Tourettes, he made it OK to be different, a sentiment shared by many LGBTG folk on twitter today who probably had a much rougher time than I did.

His music played non-stop on Radio 6, it was time to follow my own advice, and treat my sadness with a dose of the open air, looking for goosander on the two lakes - and finding none - and winter thrushes on the Coddington pastures.

None there either.

Still, it was a good 13km run, with Bowie music in my ears the whole way, and it at least was a positive way to end the day. I'm not sure David himself would have enjoyed a run like that; it's hard to light a Gitane on the move - but I hope he knows how much me and many many other people have enjoyed listening to his music today, before, and forever.


Everything was a feeding frenzy today

Ducks are at it too

A glorious sunset duly ensued


  1. Very sad news about David Bowie - his music was such a part of my youth. But his music will live on. Love the colours in the sky in your last photo.

  2. Sad news indeed about David Bowie. He was also part of my youth. Her made it 'ok' to be different in his dress and music! A true 'Star'!

    Glad you enjoyed your run Si!

  3. Non birders have no idea how much birders appreciate a feeding frenzy of gulls!

  4. I was shocked as well. Such a great man in so many ways and nice to have someone to celebrate instead of terrible news about people harming one another.

  5. Thank you for visiting David! And thank you all for your comments, still plenty of Bowie music to listen to on the radio today.

  6. I listened to 6 music for most of the day, the messages that were read out from listeners were very touching and showed how much he touched peoples lives. My memories are of listening to him at lunch times in the classroom, and seeing him on top of the pops in his various characters. As you mentioned Bowie along with Marc Bolan made it cool to be different and someone the LGBT community could identify with.

  7. Indeed Chickpea! His TOTP appearances were always open, and always live vocals too