Monday 4 January 2016

Our Own Dramatic Rescue

I had a crack at a rather longer run today, resolving to run the Hawton-Farndon -Home by the river route today, the first time I'd set foot on these paths since my marathon. I also wanted to see how the flooding was, as we'd had flooding warnings overnight.

Transpired that although the trails were extremely muddy, the river hadn't misbehaved too badly. However, Willow Holt nature reserve, which is always very low lying and wet, had flooded, leaving the occupants stranded and in need of assistance.

I didn't realise this at the time, but as I turned onto Wyke Lane I was wondering why an animal transporter was blocking my path, and several very excited border collies were leaping about splashing in the mini lakes the excess water had created.

What had happened was that the rare breed sheep Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust graze on the reserve had gotten themselves stuck on a little island in the floods, and needed rescuing. A crack team of sheperdesses had been dispatched, and the impressively horned black sheep guided safely to dryish land and a little ride to Idle Valley nature reserve.

The sheep were already quietly sat aboard the vehicle when I came across them, but Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust put rescue shots up on their website, I believe. Hopefully they were given the ovine equivalent of a hot cup of tea and slice of cake when they got to their new home.

The one thing I did notice was how calm they were aboard the trailer. It seemed they knew they were off to a place of safety.


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The entrance to the Holt. 

Happy shepherd

A hint of horn

The rescued occupants

Willow Holt hut safely raised above the water.

Barge puffing away. A warm stove perhaps.

Farndon high water


  1. So much water! It's rained here a lot too recently and the fields are flooded. Animals are OK though. Glad they got the sheep out. Am looking forward to running here tomorrow after a week with a cold!

  2. And we haven't had it bad at all. I feel much better for having a decent long run today.

  3. That is a lot of water; glad you were able to get your run in. And so nice to see the sheep rescue.

  4. What a great story! I'm pleased you had a decent run, too.

  5. Good to see that the sheep were rescued successfully!

  6. Great story Si. Always glad of a happy ending

  7. Well done to the rescuers!

  8. Very muddy indeed, how do you manage to run at all! Great story-lucky sheep.

  9. Golly, sounds as though they were rescued just in time Si.

  10. I think they would have been ok, I don't think the river was going to rise much higher short term. But at Idle Valley I'm guessing the water levels are managed.

    Thanks all for enjoying my post

  11. Glad the sheep were OK, that's been the problem round here, a good place for a nature reserve is near water, as you would expect. But sadly a few have been damaged badly round here, same as many of the property's have, last week my husband found a caravan in a tree while he was out for a ride !
    Amanda xx

  12. They were smart to put their reserve hut on stilts! I feel sorry for anyone who has lost property or animals in this. How we go forward is the next step.

  13. Goodness, that must have been quite a flood. Glad it ended well.