Sunday 10 January 2016

Just a Gentle Trot Through Thick Mud

Cameras are a bugger. When you are a runner and cyclist, you like to have them with you, but sometimes having the case and the strap on you, jiggling around, bumping your thighs, is too much of a pain.

I took the camera to the park at lunchtime, and found absolutely nothing of interest whatsoever, despite the searing bright blue sky that lit up the world as has not been known for a while. However, as soon as I took off running with only my mobile phone at 345pm in the beginning of twilight, it all kicked off.

For on London Road Pond, across the other side, were a beautiful pair of goosander, glossing about the surface like the handsome birds they are.

BUT NO CAMERA!!! Especially I've been commenting on all your own blogs how I was hoping to get a shot soon.

Then I ran across to Beacon Hill Park, and  saton the builder's fence guarding the ugly new builds was a buzzard the size of a turkey. A magnificent raptor, enjoying the the last of the light as it looked over the farmland for prey. Not at all perturbed by my presence either.


What I have managed to get shots of, is all the thick, gloopy, mud I had to run through on the trails this evening. It was hard as hell to keep upright, and sometimes hard to maintain possession of one's running shoes. But it was lovely evening, cool yes, but peaceful and refreshing. 10km was no bother at all.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 10.01.16

Clay Lane mud

Beacon Hill mud

Hill mud

The sacred tree space


Spot the buzzard if you can!

Night falls at the Barge pub


  1. That's a lot of mud, Simon! The last shot is especially nice with the lights in the distance and the reflection on the water.

  2. Thanks Wilma, a real slog but to have the freedom to be out there is a much under appreciated privilege

  3. Tat mud is universal Si. The shot of the lit up pub at the end is certainly a comfort.