Sunday 3 January 2016

Saturation Point

My belly is straining my jeans a little after the festivities, although unbelievably I managed to drop a pound or two in between Christmas and New Year. Hence I want to be running and exercising as much as possible, and not lying in bed listening to 4 Extra and reading...

...which is exactly what I did today, covering myself in guilt not glory, and all because of a little bad weather.

Well, it was more than a little, really. It was actually hammering down the entire day, and running would have been no fun at all in that downpour - splashes of water on the backs of my leg make me vulnerable to calf strains.

However, I did manage to get my walking trousers and neon sex kagoule on, and headed down to the park. The River Devon is just in the process of going over its banks, not that this bothered the mallards who must have loved having more room to play in. The rain lashed down, and the only birds out of the water were a few gulls wheeling around overhead. Alder cones were sailing in splashy puddles; my feet washed them away in tsunami surges as I walked by.

That sort of day.

I actually enjoy walking in adverse conditions, there's no-one else around, and there's just this sort of elemental thrill of survival pulsing through your body, an Aldi Ray Mears refusing to eat any dog mess tainted leaves.

A Ray Mears who later walked to Morrisons past a rising Trent, and got a lift home with his stepdad when he bumped into him.


All text and imagesd copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.01.15

Rising River Devon

Swans loving it

Over she goes

Not bloody today it wasn't

Line up now, ladies

Quaggy old wood path

Daffs are spearing up

Nearly in flower

Trent nearly over

The working boats


  1. Love the imagery of the tsunami surges washing the alder cones away.

  2. Well done for surviving the floods and monsoons of Newark. Anyone daring enough to wear that cagoule deserves respect.

  3. Thank you John, I'll remember you when I next do my Xmas card list lol...

    It was a filthy day. Waters are a bit higher today but the risk of any significant flooding has dropped.

  4. The Trent flows through a lot of flat land if my memory serves me right, so let's hope it doesn;t come over.

  5. When it does go over, it is usually pretty bad; you end up with one enormous lake that goes from East Stoke to Kelham and Muskham. But, not too much building on the flood plains here