Thursday 14 January 2016

A Feathery Metaphor for Modern Life

Came across this bunch of jolly japesters the other day, squabbling over what was probably a piece of bread, but could equally have been a fag end. Butting, growling, puffing out their chests and pecking until the alpha pigeon won his prize; a prize reduced to virtually nothing by all the fighting.

Such are our lives, ladies and gentlemen. Undignified squabbling over things that end up being of utterly no value.

Robert Wyatt out it another way in his classic song "Shipbuilding" - yes I know he didn't write it! - when he sang in that beautiful poignant voice of his.

"Diving for dear life, when we should be diving for pearls."


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.01.16


  1. Yes, and we seem to be making the world rather shitty too.

  2. Indeed John...we are the rats without wings

  3. I'm afraid you are right, not about everybody and always, but in the big picture. Sigh.
    Enjoy your weekend anyway! :)

  4. yes we squabble over anything and rarely look up to see the bigger picture, just like pigeons