Thursday 6 September 2018

Just Playing with the Splash Filter

I thought this kind of effect could only be achieved with a lot of fiddling with two layers in pixlr - it turns out my phone will do it quite happy at the press of a button and a swoosh of the finger.

The reappearance of rain has brought the return of a few wildflowers to the unmown verges at work, including a very vivid marigold looking creation that seems to have been blown in on the winds from somewhere.

"Blown in on the winds" is how I've been feeling, Tourettes having been quite wild the last few days, which has been entertaining for the office staff at any rate. All that energy being expired at work has been leading to me feeling rather low in the evenings however.

But such is the way of things. I really could not imagine living life any other way.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.09.18


  1. WOW. Amazing, how do you do that then?

  2. Well beyond my ability to even understand Si.
    But the effect is really beautiful. I too have noticed the odd late arrival of some wild

  3. A beautiful effect :) Love the first photo of what looks like Fox and Cubs (Orange Hawkweed).

  4. It's the Splash effect on my Huawei mobile phone. Really handy!

  5. Your blog is great. I read a lot of interesting things from it. Thank you very much for sharing. Hope you will update more news in the future.

  6. A beautiful splash of colour, well done Si.