Tuesday 4 September 2018

Garden Micro-adventure

Sunday night, a little fed up and bored and with it being a warm starry night, I thought "Bugger it, stars are out, I'm going to sleep under them!"

Such ideas are best acted upon on impulse, before you have a chance to think about them.

I quickly grabbed and unwrapped my as yet unused sleeping bag and mat, and took them outside onto my little patch of front garden. I had on my fleece and tracksuit bottom, and my little wind up lantern added to the sense of (very low level) adventure.

I pitched up, got in, rested my head upon the old cushion laid out on the ground, looked up at the stars and failed to fall asleep.

I failed to fall asleep for a fair while actually, as although the silver mat kept me well insulated from the ground, it didn't provide much in the way of cushioning  and it wasn't massively comfortable. And then when I did, I was woken up by Falco from next door and his owners looking in and wondering what the hell was going on. They work nights you see, and  although we are up  a secluded drive, we have front gardens rather than rear ones.

They thought I was mad, probably.

Indeed, so mad that Ewalina came out a little later in her dressing gown and explained she couldn't sleep for worrying I had lost my house keys. I explained that I was fine and I wanted to test out my camping gear on a nice dry evening. Surprisingly she agreed with us, saying she loved the outdoors as well.

A  surreal conversation at 4am.

Next up, I was woken at 530 by the dawn chorus and in particular the angry football rattle sound of a couple of squabbling magpies amidst the usual chirps and whistles. The thing that became apparent was how different the air felt on my face, how fresh and calming it was.

I then slept through until 9am, when the other goggle eyed neighbour appeared to hear my daft  explanation. Ah well. Those nearest to me think I'm insane, and I don't care.

It was practice for further adventures.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 04.09.18


  1. I lost my house keys once - nobody came to offer help.

  2. If you had been my neighbour I must say I think I would have been out with cocoa or something stronger.

  3. Thank you, I intend to try and do more mad things

  4. You are not mad Simon just adventurous and I for one love that :)