Saturday 15 September 2018

A Small Copper in the Park

No cricket, but boy did I waste the day with a four hour afternoon sleep.

Yes cricket or not it was another of those exhausted days  - well I did do 4 work outs Tuesday to Friday so I probably am that knackered. But it is disappointing to miss free time likethat.

I did go to the  park again this morning  for a cup of tea, and was lucky enough  to spot this slightly ragged but still lovely small copper, not massively active on a dull and  breezy day.

I've seen a few this year, more than the last couple. As for peacocks and commas, forget it.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.09.18


  1. I saw some cabbage whites and a citronella yesterday on my gentle run along the via salis, preferring that to entering a race today. As I'm retired I have siesta every day . . . but not 4 hours . . . although 2 or 3 hrs when I need to catch up and feel a need to regenerate.

  2. Here there were lots of flutters in early Spring but I'm sure the Beast From the East wiped out many as they are far and few between now. The only copper I've seen is the colour of my new kettle. Had to replace the one I tried to melt the bottom out of when I dozed off for couple of hours and woke to that curious odour of singed metal when it boiled dry.

  3. Good spot, I have just found a small colony on my local reserve,one of my favorite small
    butterfly's. they seem to have had a good season with the warm summer.

  4. I have seen one peacock that's all Si.
    Talking of cricket - wasn't it good to see Alastair Cook's reception after his century.

  5. Lovely photos. Have seen a few red admirals recently, and some whites, but it's getting very back-endish now!

  6. We had a Peacock first I have ever seen in NE Scotland. We used to see commas. But not this year.

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