Monday 1 May 2017

Civil War Funs

We've been re-enacting The Siege of Newark again here. Luckily no-one's the town is being insensitive to the relatives of the dead from the conflict by doing it.

There were parades in town, a living history event in the castle grounds, and a skirmish battle with hundreds involved firing little cannons at each other. I missed this impressive vent yesterday because of cricket, and missed it today because my bike got a puncture (5th in 10 days, on two different bikes) and it had finished by the time I arrived.


Still, the castle grounds exhibit was very popular and busy, and I liked they had telescopes and a large sign telling you about syphilis, a warning that frankly many of our current town dwellers would do well to heed. There was the smell of cooking, and a blacksmith bellowing things.

All very interesting, and all very colourful!


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  1. I love things like this Si - keeping history alive.

  2. It was, always very popular in the town


  3. 5 punctures in 10 days

    Ah, the joys of cycling.

  4. Beautiful Pictures, where are you? which Civil War? I am an American Civil War Reenactor, looks similare, however may be different time frame,

    1. This is Newark on Trent, scene of one of the last major sieges of the English Civil War in 1646