Sunday 21 May 2017

Happiness through Failure

Today wasn't a massively successful cricketing one for me today. The team lost for a start, despite working really really hard, and I'd grafted away again with the bat to get myself in, only to swipe the ball straight down a fielder's throat when I'd finally scored two runs.

We struggled to 83 all out, thanks to our skipper who must have internally seething when I struggled to get going and get him on strike when we batted together. Then when we fielded, I opened the bowling and struggled with the left hander, and took no wickets despite really going for it. But we did make them work hard, and I enjoyed fielding today as the weather was so nice.

I was certainly very busy in the field, and even had my suggestions to the skipper listened to a couple of times.

But really, on such a nice day it was great that the natural world came out to enjoy it was well. The ground ivy, buttercups and clover around the ground were busy with bees, and I found a lovely green veined white butterfly too.

Hiding away in the long grass at one end of the ground as a red-legged partridge too! It let me get quite close.


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  1. If you have to fail at something then it might as well be on a nice day in an idyllic setting.

  2. A lovely setting makes up for sporting frustration.

  3. It really was very very nice out there!