Saturday 13 May 2017

The Agony of Defeat

WEll, today was a cricket day, technically a home game but at our out ground at Collingham. It's a very scenic little ground, as you will see. Apart from the bit where we played, which was a bit of bumpy field with no trees around it.

We were hopeful of a victory today as our opponents got shot out for 60 last week, and indeed we had them about 12 for 3 after yours truly bowled a good opening spell before being banished to the outfield and not bowling again. Alas they went on to make 175 for 6, about 40 more than they should have got.

I didn't get time to sketch the ground today, as I had to go in and umpire when we batted, which always makes me a bit grumpy - luckily, as skipper for tomorrow's game, I can make everyone else do that. I did get to go for a nature walk though, and as we started so well with our batting I thought I would then have a chance to get a quick sketch done.

No chance. We suddenly collapsed prompted by the "retirement" of our captain, and at 100 odd for 5, I strode out there nervous as hell and faced with the task of winning the match.

I tried so hard, I really did. I struggled like a dog for ball after ball, over after over, trying to support our remaining specialist batsman, finally scoring a run after what seemed like half an hour. Then with about 40 required, he got out. I then tried to open up a bit, and had got us to 25 required, when I was given out LBW to a ball that hit me halfway up my thigh!

I threw my bat on the ground and stomped off like a scummy brat. I was trying so hard to win us the game, and failed. Our last wicket fell more or less straight after.

Tell me it's only a game.


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  1. Love the dandelion seed head photo! Wishing you lots of luck with your next cricket match :)

  2. Ha ha! Played again today Robin, and got battered