Tuesday 30 May 2017

Late Night Hoggie!

Came across this little fellow as I walked home last night, just crossing the busy road after leaving my drive.

It went over the kerb like a hovercraft, and trotted down the bank onto South Parade Park, where I just gave a quick excuse me and took the one snap.

It was a hoglet again, seen a few this year, perhaps it's the same one each time. I'm just glad to see one, although as with any animal my heart goes in my mouth when I see one on the road.


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  1. Great news with your hoglet sightings! The hoglet doesn't look perturbed by you taking it's photo! What a delight to see.

  2. I was very quick in and out, didn't want it to have to curl up or anything. Thank you both!

  3. Great to see. I keep hoping I will get them visiting my garden again.