Thursday 4 May 2017

Running to Vote

Not that I suppose many people will be on council election night, as opposed to the General Election Thursday. But I find it offensive not to vote on any occasion I can, even though we only had a choice of two candidates here.

If you want to sound really pious, voting is something that many folk around the world cannot do, that we take for granted.

Soapbox down, pious mode off. I ran 7km to get to that polling station, on a clear crisp evening, across fields and bridleways, and enjoyed the sight of the moon in the darkening sky.

That's about it.


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  1. Well done. I find it hard with the apathy. We voted today as we do every time there is an election. 2 candidates. Disgusting.

  2. I agree- important that we all use our vote. Sounds like a lovely run too.

  3. It is important to use your vote. Looks like a lovely evening run too. X

  4. It's important to have a vote on important issues affecting one's grandchildren for example. Many UK citizens in the EU were as you may know disenfranchised.

    I am now left in the absurd situation where the only vote I have is for the local councillor in Austria. Not exactly a high level, but a vote. So, when I have it every 4 or 5 years I use it to vote for the candidate who seems most environmentally aware.

    In France a woman will win. Either Le Pen or Merkel.

  5. Two candidates here, pathetic even for a county council election. Conservatives could pick Satan himself to run in this town and he'd walk the election.

  6. I shouldn't think many folk actually ran to the Polling Station Simon - so well done. I hope the candidates appreciate your effort.