Wednesday 31 May 2017

Let's Have a Bee-In

They had "Be-Ins" in the 60s, but in the summer every evening can be a bee-in. Popped round my folks, there were 3 species playing in the blue stuff that might be called campanella, or the frail herbs that the bees suck at quickly as the stem bends right over.

I tried to pet a common carder worker bee, pollen baskets full, but it wouldn't let me.

The sun sank slowly below the rooftops. I went for a run accompanied only by birdsong. It was beautiful.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.05.17


  1. Wonderful to see these bees in their variety. Such a lovely time of year with the promise of more to come (despite declining numbers). Thank you for your kind comment on my wasp!

  2. Unfortunately there is a agricultural product called glyphosat which is said to be detrimental to bees. Some green people say it causes cancer in mice and may do so in humans who it in their work. When questioned a few years ago the Austrian Environment Minister refused to reveal the quantity used. He said it was a "state secret". Yesterday I read that the EU is going to instruct farmers of member countries to continue using this insecticide for another 10 years. I only presume they have large stockpiles and much money is involved. Very sad.

  3. I always love to see bees in good numbers...

  4. Thank you all! our bee garden continues to develop, the second wildflower meadow has now been dug out.

  5. Beautiful flowers and beautiful bees!
    I can believe your run was lovely.

  6. I love bumble-bees, they are outstanding.