Monday 8 May 2017

The Flower Cemetery is at Max

It looks lovely in there, with a great diversity of species in there at the moment. Despite the last couple of days being really really cold, I've started to notice the first worker bumblebees going about their work; tree bumblebees and today what might have been a white tailed bumblebee, I didn't get to see it for long enough.

There's a lot of flowers out along the cycle track too, with the first ragged robin now appearing in its ghostly pinkiness. There was also a large orange-yellow flower like a mega buttercup, but not a marigold.

Never seen it before along here!

After two games of cricket over the weekend, with 17 overs bowled, I was exhausted today, and I could barely run!


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  1. What a riot of colour - just beautiful :)

  2. Thank you so much, I was surprised to see so many species on a cold day!

  3. Natures walk, pretty flowers.

  4. Thank you, it is very pretty in there!

  5. Lovely to see so many flowers. All we seem to have is grass.