Monday 26 December 2016

Well I was Wrong

Do you remember when I posted the shoots in the cemetery and said I expected to see snowdrops after about a week in January...well, like it says in the title, I was wrong.

I went running today, feeling very fat and hefty after the usual chronic overindulgence yesterday, and keeping my eyes in the cemetery verges as I ran through, sopped two little clumps of snowdrops in bloom. Not even January yet, same as last year. Looks like the mild weather  - which I thought wasn't as mild as last year - has sped up nature a little bit again. Mum tells me she has primroses under the apple tree in their garden.

Crazy times! The snowdrops have beaten the aconite again.

It was a nice run, spoiled only by idiots on illegal motorbikes tearing up the open ground - oh what a grumpy old man I am. To be fair it was only crappy brown field they were on, rather than the cycle path or in the nature reserve where I sometime see, and curse, them.

Venus really is blazing in the early evening now.


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