Sunday 18 December 2016

Apprentice Fame Shines on Newark

I've not watched a whole lot of "The Apprentice" this year, same as last year, the year before, the year before that, and indeed in the last ten years because it features a clown car of cretins every year.

However, one of the candidates was interviewed and it turns out that she owns a business in the town. An outlet for baby clothes, supposedly high quality end of line stuff.

This is the shop.

The contestant in question is Frances, the little slightly pixie-ish one. Her store is located in the rather horrendous St Mark's Place shopping precint, which even after a major redevelopment is still an utterly hideous place full of low status shoe shops and a Bright House outlet that kept getting ramraided until they put metal shutters up that gave an authentic feel of the LA riots to the place.

Her shop itself doesn't feel mega high end to me - everything in it seems to be marked "70% Off" and the who place looks a bit tatty. She was originally in a better quality unit behind where I took this shot from, so why she's now across here I've no idea.

This town is a doom zone for small retailers.


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  1. Oh dear! I have to agree a little bit. We always head to Newark though at the weekend - the burger place on the main road is brilliant and Bentleys chip shop is second to none (have been going there since my childhood). The reason we go is that our nearest town, Mansfield, truly is horrendous!

  2. I agree with your apprentice sentiments, I can't believe the " sugar man" would want to work with any of them.
    Have a good Christmas and all the best for next years nature hunting.

  3. I think the doom zone and small shops applies to most small towns Si - a really nice ladies and gents outfitters in a small town near us (where I used often to buy clothes) has been for sale for years. Hope the cold is soon better.

  4. Thank you so much for commenting, I've not been able to nature hunt these last few days with illness, so it is appreciated that folk like other stuff I put up.