Friday 30 December 2016

Slug Tracks on the Bottle Bank

I've been suffering from a total lethargy today, seemingly unable to do anything after waking at 9 other than just lying around in a daze in various places. Must be Christmas digestion catching up with me or something; I've felt as weak as a kitten all day.

So, a wasted day, or so you would think. Well, perhaps not. On delivering my empties to the bottle bank, I noticed an astonishing series of patterns in the dirt on the otherwise unappealing big metal bunkers.

I can only assume that these are the trails left by slugs making their way over the bottle banks for god knows whatever reason. I think they are incredible, to me seeming to show the grips in the undersurface of the invertebrate that they use for grip and propulsion.

I might of course be completely wrong and it is some other kind of natural phenomenon. But I'd guess at slugs.

Or maybe snails. Maybe.

In any event, wasn't expecting to find such beauty on a bottle bank.


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  1. I think it really is where they have grazed on the algae on the surface. They have a rasp-like tongue. I've seen these same kind of markings in a home aquarium where the glass is covered in algae and the water snails are eating it.

  2. Ah right! Thanks very much for pointing that out seems obvious now