Wednesday 14 December 2016

Running in the Mud

Without there being any super heavy rain, the persistent mizzle has gotten the ground very heavy, and I've been running about on it, in the dark, like any not very sane man would do in his middle 40s.

The urban farm along Clay Lane is a real squelch of a place, but then highland calves are getting stuck into their feed having been moved across the lane, and the horses are happily stuck into their bales of hay.

On other farms, the beet is in and the ground seems to be being reseeded with bright orange seeds that look rather like lentils. Either beet seeds do indeed look like lentils, or the farmer in Hawton is trying a radically new cash crop, as well as planting his agricutural vehicles smack across the path and forcing me to go ankle deep in the heavy Nottinghamshire soil.

Lovely! But I'm used to it.

I hope you have all found a way of keeping active in this misty, wet time. Last night the Geminid meteors were clouded out, tonight the moon shines bright through the window. Venus is becoming more and more dominant low in the west in the early morning. The robins have started to sing at night.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.12.16


  1. The seeds have been coated with a chemical treatment. It's the same here.

  2. Ah right! So no free dhal in the fields around Newark next year.

  3. It's hard to get out in this dark dank weather but worth it in the end, if not just to hear the Robins sing...
    Amanda xx

  4. What an interesting and fun post! Goodness, those highland calves look so cute.
    "The robins have started to sing at night." - The most beautiful sentence I have read this week... or perhaps this month.
    And thank you for your comment today. Snowdrop hunting sounds absolutely lovely!

  5. lovely photos specially the cattle!

  6. Thank you all! THe robins are very vigorous here!