Wednesday 28 December 2016

Bright the Berries are

Across the road on the little local park, the contoneaster trees looked stunning in the sun.

I always find it strange the berries don't seem to attract the birds as holly and rowan does. Presumably they are poisonous, or perhaps not very nutritious. 

I've had a great three days of running, 10km plus a day since Christmas day. They are needed to, as I am fat as a barrel, today being the first day I haven't overeaten to hell and back. More tomorrow, never mind the cold. The sunset I saw today was entirely worth it.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.12.16


  1. Wow! Today the sun returns to my neck of the woods. We are promised wall to wall blue sky. Maybe I will see something growing at long last . . . The only thing growing at the moment is my amaryllis which is leaning over dangerously, it's so top heavy. I'll have to give it a stick to lean on I think. Cheers, great red berries. Smashing!

  2. Waxwings like Cotoneaster berries - so keep your eyes on those trees! Most of them still seem to be in the North and East but hopefully as they exhaust berry supplies there they will move South and West. They can turn up anywhere so hope you strike lucky :)

  3. Ooh I'll have to look out for them! We occasionally get a few fly through, but no significant numbers. Never seen one. Hopefully dropping temperatures will bring them in.

  4. Those berries only seem to be eaten as a last resort, maybe they need several frosts on them to make them digestible?

  5. Those berries are beautiful Si - I have always wondered why the birds reject them. I suspect that if we get a really bad spell of weather it might be a different story.