Tuesday 20 December 2016

The Animal Bench of Sconce Park

You remember a few weeks ago in this blog I included a shot of a chainsaw art park bench that was under construction at the South West end of Sconce Park.

It is now complete, and has been relocated to its permanent home in the Old Oak Wood, and very beautiful it is too. Far too nice for my mortal behind to be parked on, I'm sure.

I hope it isn't vandalised.



  1. That is so lovely - thanks for showing us the finished product.

  2. what a lovely bench - far too nice to sit on! Hope it doesn't get vandalised, though i expect it will be interesting to see how it weathers

  3. I hope it weathers well and doesn't get attacked by some of the local specimens

  4. . . . the frost, the snow, the rain, the sun, the ants, the fungi, the moss, the beetles, the snails, the dogs, the kids . . . maybe the bench will not be bored.

  5. I do remember your post about it and it's so beautiful, I'd love one for my garden. Wish I could put a protective spell on it, that anyone who tries to damage it turns into a mushroom.....oh if only!