Saturday 10 December 2016

Darkness Falls

Judging by people's blogs, it has been a dark grey and very mizzley day for virtually everyone in the country, and mine will do little to add any more colour into people's lives. When I did get going, town felt like it was wrapped in a dirty bedsheet, and the general Saturday frenzy was nothing I wanted to be a part of.

So, lunch then a run, then my favourite SAturday past-time, a very long bath reading a book already so well thumbed the potential of it being dropped in the bath won't matter. Can't do that with a Kindle!

My run was interesting in the sense it seemed to get dark in about 10 minutes, giving me a rather eerie trip around the two lakes. Our new feature of London Road pond, the drake shoveller, was still there doing its head down feeding thing; I intend to try and capture it in better light tomorrow. On film that is, I'm not going to row out there with a cage.

Water everywhere was a place of reflections. I kept on going at a steady 6 minutes per kilometre, snapping anything of interest; light and water is always a beautiful combination. My hair was wet from misty rain.

It was lovely.


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