Monday 20 May 2013

Wildlife Vignettes from a hundred yards of cycling

A pretty pied wagtail flicking his tail in a car park.

A menacing shape in the air, a black backed gull of some kind (most likely lesser), with wings like an airbus and an evil face, circling the air over a works road, presumably eyeing up a tasty snack treat in the forrm of...

...a dead rabbit lying on the cycle path, tail mutilated, frankly looking rather torn off (nature red in tooth etc etc...), perhaps the victim of a traffic accident, or perhaps the victim of...

...a buzzard, trying to get airborne while under dive bombing attacks from several crows, hoping perhaps to get its talons into that rabbit, or perhaps... of the several rabbits on the waste ground that appeared to be trying to chase off a group of woodpigeons.

20 seconds. One hundred yards.

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