Monday 27 May 2013

I'm not too Poor for Oysters

Went out running on a lovely sunny afternoon, if a little breezy. I was going to take the Coddington route and then in a slightly comedic "errr...ummm" locomotory moment in the middle of the street, changed direction, deciding to take the Hawton-Farndon route instead.

I was in quest of dragonflies and damselflies. They've been reported at Langford Lowfields, and I figured I might see some common blue damselfly or banded demoiselles on the Farndon stretch of the river.

I didn't. Not a single damsel or dragon to be had. But, it was still a pleasant day, with the wood anemones in Willow Holt, and the swallows and sand martins skimming the water's surface. Peacock, small and large whites, and orange tips butterflies were on view, and a lot of those small white cottony day flying moths too.

What I did see that was a first for this stretch of river for me, was on the power station wall on the far side of the river. I noticed a red flash coming into land, and waited for the bird to reveal itself. I saw black and white, and thought, "ok, lapwing, nothing to see here" but as I looked closer, I could just see the characteristic long red beak of an oystercatcher as the bird strode along the wall.

A nice sighting for me! Something to reflect on, as I ran through gorgeous fields of buttercups as I headed back into town...

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