Thursday 2 May 2013

Busy busy day, and so much to see

Warm day! Wanted to be out and stay out, so I did.

First up, 3pm, ran 8 miles, my Coddington, Beacon Hill reserve route. Lapwings are in the field next to the hill, and a small white fluttered alongside me for a good hundred metres, in and out of the hedge. Hawthorn in bloom everywhere, and a pair of Buzzards were soaring over the hillside leading up to the back of Beacon Hill estate, spiralling on the warm weather thermals.

As I entered Beacon Hill reserve, a large white went past me going the other way, and then as I dropped down through the belt of trees, into the nursery, butterflies were everywhere. In a minute, without me having to move, I saw small white, speckled wood, brimstone, peacock, orange tip and finally a close up view of a slightly second hand looking comma as it settled on a plant. And tthen a falcon soared over the trees...

Home. Drink of coke. Walk for 3 miles, took that nice shot of the bee on the flowers. Enjoyed the sun and life.

Home. Drink of coke. Bicycle to Cotham Flash, where there was only a solitary yellow wagtail in the field next to the paddock, but the whole place was alive with lapwing, on the ground and in the air. I had super view of these handsome, crested irridescent green plovers with their broad raggedy wings as I rested my 10x50s on the gate. And the noise! One particular individual was piping like a mad thing continuously as it flew over the wetlands. A buzzard took off over the road.

It was a lovely evening.

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