Saturday 4 May 2013

Raptor Vignettes

I've been back at work today, first day on shift, with all the general unhappiness that entails. But as long as you always keep your eyes open, there's always something to give you a lift.

I haven't rescued any baby birds yet this year, but, sitting in the canteen this morning, I noticed a mad flap of wings over the field next to the showground runway. I took a closer look, and saw a buzzard struggling to gain height to soar, before if was all but wrestled to the ground by a mobbing pair of crows.

Chastened it flew off into a tree and licked its wounds.

Later, as I cycled home having survived the day, I noticed a fast moving bird on my left along the main road. It jinked in and out of houses and trees, with my initial thoughts of it being a pigeon dispelled as it shot across the road right in front of my nose, and I caught a glimpse of a grey back and grey barred underside.

It hurtled up someone's driveway no more than four feet off the ground, and was lost to sight behind me as I cycled on. A sparrowhawk I would have thought, lurking around the urban gardens looking for unsuspecting songbirds or their newly hatched youngsters.

There seems to be a lot of raptors in the area at the moment, and I'm very glad these two appeared to make my day go just a little bit better!

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