Friday 24 May 2013

Goslings and Grebelings

A little report on today's run, which was done in an absolutely howling gale. Me being me, I figured conditions would be good when the rain stopped, even though running into the wind resulted in a kind of Marcel Marceau mime act of running powerfully, without actually going anywhere, as branches and leaves whipped past my face.

Around Balderton lake, what looked like swallows and house martins were ignoring the conditions, and swooping down low over the lake surface for insects. And then further round, I came across a group of canada geese, without about 12 goslings in tow. Canada goslings are rather cuter and less excremental than their honking parents, a sort of custard yellow and downey grey chick the size of a small cat. Their days of annoyance are ahead of them.

Out on the water, not watching the diving hirundines, was an adult great crested grebe with chick in tow. They've also made an appearance on London Road lake too in the last few days, emerging from nests in the reeds onto the lake proper. In the ditch by London Road lake, I can no longer see the three-spined sticklebacks in their "red doctor" breeding colours, and no roe deer on Beacon Hill reserve today.

But in my own garden, a pair of great tits are clambering on the walls, gathering spider webs for nesting material, and a robin sat on my gate and sang at me, opening its little beak like an avian opera singer.

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