Friday 31 May 2013

Velo Vignettes

What have I encountered today, a small set of small encounters with small things I've seen while on my rickety bicycle, helmet on and trousers tucked into my socks in lieu of bicycle clips.

First up, 7am this morning, my best ever view of a pretty little linnet on a chain link fence at work. At work, judging by the bubbly tweets I could hear, a pied wagtail was trapped in the building somewhere, but I never got to exercise my (not) celebrated bird rescuing skills.

Fast forward twelve hours. Only misery and suffering and endless Top Gear repetition happens at work. I've just returned from a lovely evening's cycle ride to Coddington, greenfinches on telephone wires, yellowhammers in the hedgerows. All the "Give Way" signs were lit up by a golden sunset.

A Vulcan bomber, or rather THE, Vulcan Bomber, flew overhead on a test flight in washed out evening sky. And as I went along the Sustrans 64 a water vole somehow ran between my bicycle wheels without getting squished.

And I was going at a pretty good clip as well.

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