Sunday 19 May 2013

Deer on Beacon Hill Conservation Park

Today's run was a very gentle trot past the cricket ground, along the cycle path and London Road Lake - where two great crested grebe chicks have emerged from the reeds - and along Clay Lane where there are orange tip butterflies, and a speckled wood settled on my finger for a brief instant.

But on Beacon Hill reserve, where a late brimstone was flying through the nursery, an unusual sight was to be had. As I ran along past the rabbits towards the lower entrance from the main Beacon Hill Road, I saw a dark shape which I initially thought must have been a fox. As I got nearer, I was shocked to see that it was a deer, female I think, of a chocolate brown colour with a flashing white tail.

I've seen roe deer in RSPB Langford, and I figured this was probably what it was, but I've never seen any mention of deer living on Beacon Hill reserve. I've let the wildlife trust folk know.

It's hardly an earth shattering discovery, but, I'm pleased to have made it.

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