Friday 10 May 2013

The Egret at Farndon

I went running out to Farndon and back along the river yesterday, just the boring old A46 route, largely because I wanted to have a look to see if any decent second hand bikes were available at the house that hand bikes.

I wasn't feeling great, very chesty and bunged up of sinus, and a howling damn gale straight in my face wasn't helping either. But as I headed along the river before it turns right onto the power station reach - I love using the word "reach" by the way - I noticed a white form slowly beating its wings as it flew above the water up towards the boathouse. A pure white egret was making the first appearance in Farndon that I can remember, and it certainly was a beautiful sight as it turned goosian and duckian heads (and beaks) below it.

How the more ordinary inhabitants of the river, the Canada Geese and Mallards, must envy this most attractive of birds, the whitest living thing in the universe, every time one makes its way past. Even the black swan, which for a couple of months has had the field to itself in the "most attractive bird along the river" contest, had disappeared to avoid being overshadowed.

Also displaying well were a large number of sand martins, skimming the water as they fed. The high banks along the power station must make a good, and unmolested, site for nesting. Further round the river swallows were also busy above the water, another pretty sight. But I was saddened to find on returning home that my well meaning neighbour has mowed my little lawn for me, and taken out all the forget-me-nots and bluebells and my new campion.

My forget-me-nots always cheered me up as I opened my front door!

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