Friday 10 May 2013

A Trio of Cormorants

Managed to get todays run in just before the heavens opened. It was the tour of the two lakes, Clay Lane route.

Mainly small and large white, and orange tip butterflies were out on my route today, but on clay lane was a peacock and also what I initially thought was a speckled wood, but on closer inspection looked much too orange-yellow and possibly was a wall brown.

More orange tips were about on Beacon Hill reserve, but today's visual treats were reserved for the river. As I ran along the Waitrose stretch, I noticed a cormorant lumbering up over the bridge. As I got further round past the castle, I realised there were three of them, flying like the Leathermen flying machines in Barbarella, all of whom landed in close formation and began to fish in quantities fit to annoy the island fishermen even more.

And then, on the river wall in front of the castle, I had a sweet little encounter with a willie wagtail, which let me get to about 2 metres before it flew off. It watched me, fearless, little beak and black and white apron clearly visible.

All the while, the grey-black clouds were closing in, and I was glad to get home just as the first blats of rain struck my windows.

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