Saturday 6 March 2021


 Spring has gone back to sleep for the whole week, and I've taken no photographs of anything remotely interesting. 

Good job I have a few left over from last weekend, where coltsfoot is the latest new emergence on the blocks.

Yep, it's been grey and cold all week, with the upcoming week not looking to be any different. Any sane insects will have gone back inside for a rest, and there certainly won't be any migrants arriving.

I say that with a glossy ibis having been reported from town today, lurking over by the sugar factory in a rather difficult to get to location. Wonder if it's the same bird that's been seen in Lowdham over the last couple of winters? Yay or nay, it seems that these birds are becoming much commoner visitors to UK shores, and will probably end up becoming resident like little egrets. 

When we next have warmer weather, I expect to see brimstones and hear chiff chaffs.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.03.21


  1. Looks like another dreary weeks weather coming up Simon, at least it will be a little warmer.
    Close o the cross over of birds.... Redwings for Chiffchaffs

  2. Grand pictures. We've been seeing some Glossy Ibis in Cambridgeshire this winter too - and Great Egrets are becoming more common too (though they are so noticeable that there may not be that many around).

  3. Love the coltsfoot picture Si - one of my favourite early flowerers.

  4. Thank you all, it was brighter today!