Sunday 7 March 2021

Another Bee Day

 Surprisingly the weather has been compliant today, not exactly mild, but bearable in the sunshine. It meant I was able to get out and see what was about in the park and the cemetery. 

The answer - honey bees in the park, bumblebees in the cemetery.

Crocuses are the main source of pollen, but already the beautiful cemetery crocuses have just tipped over their best which is sad. But there's still plenty of them, and the bumbles were getting their backsides covered in orange goodness. 

On the lake, the gulls are comparing how much black their heads have. Do the ones who are slow to go dark teased by the others?

I'd best ask Jonathan Livngstone Seagull.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.03.21


  1. It is lovely to see them all covered in pollen. I read somewhere that saffron is going to be in short supply this year because so many foreign workers have not been allowed in to pick the relevant part of the crocus. At least the bees have got a feast.

  2. Just need the weather to warm up a bit to have better photo opportunities

  3. I saw a bumble bee yesterday that was literally rolling around in the crocus getting totally covered in pollen in the process