Tuesday 23 March 2021

First Butterfly of the Year!

 Well, actually the second one I've seen, but the first one that I was able to photograph. And for a change, it's a comma, rather than a small tortoiseshell.

I caught it at a good time as it sunbathed on a fallen leaf down the cycle track, gathering a bit of energy up for a bit more fluttering about. I must say, I always feel a slight bit of superiority noticing these things as other folk stroll by oblivious. 

But only a tiny bit.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 23.03.21


  1. Haven't seen any Comma's yet - but I'll keep looking!

  2. I love your first-of-the-year spots, makes me look harder to see things.
    No sign of butterflies here yet but 3 big bumbles spotted yesterday

  3. You deserve to feel like that - I look forward to your photographs and your 'firsts'

  4. Well spotted. I've only seen a quick glimpse of a butterfly battling the breezy weather.

  5. Commas seem to be the early, er, birds this year in terms of being up and about