Saturday 13 March 2021

Big Time Blossom

 On a day where the weather never quite worked out what it was going to be, apart from bloody windy all day, I went off to the park to see if the blossom in the orchard was out. 

The answer was yes - big time!

The orchard in spring is a favourite place of mine; warm days bring bees and butterflies to the sweet smelling blooms in large numbers. Too cool today though, and the only buzzer I saw was a queen buff tailed bumble high in the canopy of a blackthorn tree. 

I also love the blossom to study the very subtle differences in colour and smell between the flowers, often in the same tree. For example some flowers have pink stamen, others green. I don't know whether this sexes the flowers or not, but it can be very marked. 

Also some blooms are a very creamy white, others pure, while others have hints of pink or green about them. Knowledgeable folk will immediately know what tree has which, but I am not a folk who has the knowledge.

It is spring, but not very springlike yet with the weather. Hopefully that will change soon.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.03.21


  1. beautiful photos! Our blackthorn is just coming out up here and some of the less showy trees are blooming (elms etc) but no big displays of blossom yet

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