Friday 19 March 2021

A Probably Failed Bumble Rescue

 Found a big queen buff tailed bumble just sitting on the car park at work.

She was barely alive, just moving her legs a little bit, and I picked her up. It was late afternoon, the sun was lowering and she'd probably been caught out by the cold. 

I took her in my hands, and wandered off to where I knew there were dandelions, and settled her down into one. 

i very much doubt she survived, she was pretty far gone. But at least I tried.


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  1. well done for rescuing her, I hope she survives

  2. Simon a dot of sugar water or honey revives them really quickly. They burn through energy at such a rate that if the day gets a bit cold and there is no nectar handy they quite literally run out of fuel.

  3. Being at work, no bee rescue solution to hand. Sadly.